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Company Introduction


"Shenzhen Daji times Technology Co., Ltd." is established by "Hong Kong jingguanghua Technology Co., Ltd." it is a high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, design, production, sales and after-sales service of the production of mobile communication terminal products. After ten years of development, it has created a professional mobile communication brand.
Since the company was founded, in line with the business tenet of "sincerity, sincerity, truth-seeking and enterprising, create the future together", we have developed and expanded together with our customers. The company has a professional R & D team, which is capable of developing the whole process from mobile phone chip, including the appearance and structure of mobile phone, as well as the hardware design and software development of main board. The company has a professional mobile phone manufacturing line and a professional production system management team. The annual production capacity of the company's production line reaches more than 10 million.
 For a long time, the company has been committed to providing consumers with "simple and practical" mobile communication terminal products, providing customers with a competitive marketing concept, and providing the company's employees with a platform for growth and development. In the future, our goal will not change, and we will strive to be more focused and professional in every link.
 "One sword in ten years" - after ten years of development, our company has won the recognition of our customers. In today's increasingly globalized "made in China", the company adjusts its business strategy, strengthens its internal management, and establishes a modern enterprise management mechanism and brand operation system. Based at home and facing the world, we will build "Daji era" into a well-known mobile phone brand company at home and abroad.
Here are the pictures of the factory:
Mould factory



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